Eoghan Macguire

Multimedia journalist and writer


Eoghan Macguire

Multimedia journalist, writer and digital storyteller. Experience in international news, politics, business, environment, education, arts & culture and sports. International. NBC News. London based.


Republicans dream of monarchy's end

British republicans met in London to call for an end to monarchy amid royal wedding celebrations.
Al Jazeera Link to Story

What Triggered U.K. Terror Incidents?

Three deadly terror attacks over 10 weeks in 2017 left many Britons wondering how to remain safe.
NBC News Link to Story

Abolitionist fighting to free Mauritania's slaves

Biram Dah Abeid has faced violence and imprisonment but continues fight to end slavery.
CNN International Link to Story

The Battle To Make ‘Upskirting’ Sex Crime

One British woman is battling to make 'upskirting' a sex crime after being targeted by men at a concert.
NBC News Link to Story

Somali Pirates: Back in Business?

Despite a fall in reported hijackings, are Somali pirates ready to head back out to sea?
NBC News Link to Story

How soccer stars united warring nation

Iraq's soccer stars achieved the impossible both on and off the pitch when they won the 2007 Asian Cup.
CNN International Link to Story

Who's taking lead on climate change?

The US is pulling out of the Paris Accord enabling other nations to lead on fighting climate change.
CNN International Link to Story

Don’t Forget About Us, President Trump

How will the arrival of President Donald Trump impact U.S. relations with Russian civil society groups?
NBC News Link to Story

The 'Cranes' that pleased a murderous dictator

Uganda's soccer players of the 1970s were the sporting heroes of a nation and feted by the notorious Idi Amin.
CNN International Link to Story

How Truckers Can Be Heroes

Lawmakers want to enlist America's 3.5 million strong 'trucker army' in fight against human trafficking.
CNN International Link to Story

The Scottish town that loves Donald Trump

The residents of one Scottish town have grown fond of the Republican presidential candidate.
CNN International Link to Story

Food waste: From farm to fork and landfill

How much food is lost on the long journey from production to consumption?
CNN International Link to Story


Eoghan Macguire

Eoghan Macguire is a London based freelance journalist and writer. He started out in finance, working for Morgan Stanley and Mercer Wealth Solutions, before switching to journalism.

His work has been published locally, nationally and internationally at the likes of CNN, NBC News, Al Jazeera, The i, The Herald, Sunday Herald, The Western Mail, The Big Issue, The Big Issue South Africa and The Big Issue Japan.

Eoghan's areas of expertise and coverage include international news, politics, business, arts & culture, travel, social affairs and sports.



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