Eoghan Macguire

Multimedia journalist and writer


Eoghan Macguire

Multimedia journalist, feature writer and digital storyteller. Experience in international affairs, economics, business, tech, environment, arts & culture and sports. International. NBC News. London based.


The Scottish town that loves Donald Trump

The residents of one Scottish town have grown fond of the Republican presidential candidate.
CNN International Link to Story

Somali Pirates: Back in Business?

Despite a fall in reported hijackings, are Somali pirates ready to head back out to sea?
NBC News Link to Story

How Truckers Can Be Heroes

Lawmakers want to enlist America's 3.5 million strong 'trucker army' in fight against human trafficking.
CNN International Link to Story

Don’t Forget About Us, President Trump

How will the arrival of President Donald Trump impact U.S. relations with Russian civil society groups?
NBC News Link to Story

Food waste: From farm to fork and landfill

How much food is lost on the long journey from production to consumption?
CNN International Link to Story

House of cards? The state of global property

A detailed interactive poll gauging sentiments towards property markets around the world.
CNN International Link to Story

World's piracy hotspots

Where are the world's most dangerous waters? Hint: they're not off the coast of Somalia.
CNN International Link to Story

The rise and fall of Bitcoin

One year on from its $1,200 price high, what does future hold for Bitcoin? Link to Story

Soccer migrants perform 'true miracle'

A team of African migrants playing in Italy are used to racial taunts. Their response? Winning.
CNN International Link to Story

Inside China's race to the top

A Chinese construction firm says it can build a skyscraper in just three weeks.
CNN International Link to Story

The hidden costs of hosting World Cup 2014

The 2014 World Cup will generate billions of dollars but many in Brazil feel excluded from the event.
CNN International Link to Story

Does port herald new economic age for Cuba?

A new port in western Cuba could signify a new dawn for the communist island's economy.
CNN International Link to Story


Eoghan Macguire

Eoghan Macguire is a London based freelance journalist and writer. He started out in finance, working for Morgan Stanley and Mercer Wealth Solutions, before switching to journalism.

His work has been published locally, nationally and internationally at the likes of CNN, The Independent/i, The Herald, Sunday Herald, The Big Issue, The Big Issue South Africa and The Big Issue Japan.

Eoghan's areas of expertise and coverage include international affairs, politics, business, economics, arts & culture, travel, social affairs and sports.



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